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The 11 Can’t Miss Vegetarian and Vegan Restaurants in Bend, Oregon

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Bend has a bit of a reputation, and there is definitely some truth behind it, of having a restaurant scene comprised primarily of brewpubs. While that may have been true 10 years ago the restaurant scene has exploded over the past decade.

This means there are tons of options for various cuisines that simply did not exist here before. On the list are both vegan and vegetarian focused restaurants and even food carts that serve up amazing meals day in and day out.

The Best Vegan Restaurants in Bend


Salud Organic Vegan Restaurant in Bend, Oregon

Salud is one of the older vegan restaurants in town. They have been able to stick around for a decade now by pumping out delicious raw vegan dishes to Bend’s healthier than average population.

Located just off the main drag of Wall and Bond street, Salud resides in a brightly colored cafe on Franklin Ave that is tough to miss.

Their dishes have you covered from breakfast through dinner with delicious smoothie bowls, toasts, nori wraps, salads, and tacos. They also offer up a range of smoothies, tonics, and coffee drinks to keep you fueled up for a paddle on the river or while hitting the slopes at Bachelor.

Our favorites at Salud are the nori wraps and greek salad so be sure to give them a go!

Salud is currently open Monday – Friday 9am – 3pm but check the most updated hours before heading over as these can change along wit the seasons.

Note that they don’t promote themselves as vegan as there is honey in some dishes. It is safe to assume though that the rest of their menu is fully vegan.

431 NW Franklin Ave, Bend

Lively Up Yourself

Lively Up Yourself is a vegan food cart located at the Midtown Yacht Club pod. This cart, run by Sarah & Elliot, has been serving up vegan comfort food since late 2019. They originally started at Bunk & Brew near downtown Bend and have since moved to the Midtown Yacht Club where their cart still resides.

Their comfort food dishes hit the spot during our cold winters with favorites like mac & cheeze, jackfruit ribs, burritos, and chik’n tenders.

Lively Up Yourself is currently open 7 days a week from 11am to 9pm. Note that after 7pm they switch to a limited late night menu that is perfect for pairing with an evening beer or cider around the pod fire pits.

1661 NE 4th St

A Broken Angel Food Cart

a broken angel vegan food truck in Bend, Oregon

A Broken Angel vegan food cart is located in the small food cart pod adjacent to Spoken Moto directly behind the Pantry off of Newport Ave. While this pod may be tucked away a bit from the hustle and bustle of Crux and the Box factory this location is great for enjoying a warm summer evening with awesome vegan food.

We love that the cart stays away from mock meats and just focuses on using whole, healthy ingredients that are excellently cooked and seasoned. Their menu covers the gamut of options from breakfast burritos to pancakes to tacos to portabella philly sandwiches.

A Broken Angel also offers a fully vegan catering service so if you’re planning an event or wedding in Bend give them a ring.

The cart is typically open Wednesday to Sunday from 9am to 3pm but these hours can change based on the season and their catering schedule. Their Insta page is usually the best place to look for updated hours.

1124 NW Newport Ave


toasty vegan food truck in Bend, oregon

A theme is about to start emerging showing that, if you live or work near the box factory, you have no shortage of awesome vegan restaurants to choose from.

We just took a look at A Broken Angel which is located near Spoken Moto and now we’ll move just across the street to The Podski food pod where another awesome vegan food cart, Toasty, is located.

Toasty is another vegan restaurant in Bend that has been around since 2019. Originally starting as an avocado toast cart they have expanded their menu over the years to include burritos, nachos, scrambles, and salads to go along with the original avocado toasts.

The Podski is a great place to sit down with some delicious vegan food, enjoy a beer or wine, and people watch as this area gets very popular on summer weekends.

Toasty is usually open Monday through Saturday for lunch and dinner.

536 NW Arizona Ave

Fix & Repeat

fix and repeat vegan cafe in bend, oregon

And now our last, but very certainly not least, option in the box factory area is the Hawaiian inspired vegan restaurant Fix & Repeat.

Fix & Repeat is an absolute must visit for breakfast and lunch for their bowls, plant toasts, and smoothies. They are always able to pack a ton of flavor into their filling dishes and we have never been disappointed by any of the options on the menu.

They also offer a huge selection of fresh pressed juices, smoothies (including the little jammer which my kids love), sweets, and coffees.

If you’re headed up the mountain Fix & Repeat is a great place to stop and grab a to-go juice to keep you fueled up.

The Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Bend

Active Culture

If you’re a parent of young kids in Bend then you probably are already well aware of Active Culture both for their food and their awesome play area for the littles. If you’re visiting Bend then make sure to add this tucked away vegetarian cafe to your list to visit once or twice or maybe just every day!

Active Culture is tucked away in the Old Town neighborhood between the Old Mill district and Downtown Bend. If you visit around lunchtime you’re sure to see the tables filled with parents while their kids all play in the fenced off play area that is stocked with slides, swings, chalkboards, and all kinds of small toys.

Their menu is vegetarian and includes a wide range of options that are sure to please both the parents and little ones. On a recent visit we went with a burrito (super tasty), garden burger, and a quesadilla and acai bowl for the kids.

After spending 30 minutes on the playground they happily ate every bite, as did we.

Active Culture also serves beer and cocktails which are a welcome site while the kids are off having their fun.

You can even finish off the meal with gelato from Bonta as they have their own rotating freezer of flavors.

A few things to note when you visit is be mindful of parking as the Old Town neighborhood requires permits but signage stating this isn’t always the best. You’re best off parking either in their lot or along Riverside Blvd towards Miller’s Landing park. Second is that Active Culture does not accept cash so bring a credit card or phone to take care of that bill.

285 NW Riverside Blvd

Kanona Cafe

kanona cafe hawaiian style vegetarian cafe in bend, oregon

Kanona cafe picks up the slack when it comes to vegetarian restaurant options on the west side of Bend. Primarily a coffee shop, Kanona also offers a range of acai bowls, avocado toasts, and pastries.

We visit Kanona way too much (is that possible?!?) in the summer months to enjoy their kauai inspired lattes and Hana bowl. Their covered porch is a great spot to kill an hour and enjoy watching the world go by next to their impressively flowering hanging baskets.

If you aren’t already full when its time to leave you can grab one of their delicious shave ice options in the cart outside their front door. They offer real fruit juice shave ice with ice cream and cream tops that will make you miss the real Hawaiian shave ice just a little less.

Kanona is usually open every day in the summer and from Wednesday to Sunday in the off season months.

1142 NW Galveston Ave

Other Restaurants that Offer Impressive Vegan and Vegetarian Options


Spork is hands down one of favorite Bend restaurants. The restaurant originally began as a food truck back in 2009 and now is located in a nicely sized space off of Newport.

The menu at Spork can’t be categorized in any single cuisine as the menu draws from inspirations from all over the world. We feel the standouts on the menu are the Asian inspired options like the rice bowl, spicy fried tofu or cauliflower, and grilled vegetable green curry.

Spork also has a full bar with a wide range of innovative cocktails to choose from.

Their menu clearly lays out the vegan options or what substitutions can be made to make a dish vegan.

The hours at Spork tend to change on a regular basis so we recommend checking their website prior to visiting.

937 NW Newport Avenue


Jackson’s Corner

Jackson’s Corner is an institution in Bend for family friendly dining. The menu at Jackson’s Corner highlights local ingredients in a keep it simple approach.

Their breakfast and brunch menu almost always feature vegetarian friendly options like french toast, local veggie scrambles, and veggie burritos. They also have a full bakery so you can expect to be able to choose from a delicious option of pastries and breads.

The dinner menu is always a favorite for our kids as their wood fired oven churns out some of the best pizza in Bend. They also offer delicious salads and meat free pasta dishes.

Our kids always go for the cheesy bread as their dinner option and we can’t help but steal a few sticks for ourselves each time.

Their servers and chefs are always super accommodating to special requests or dietary restrictions.

845 NW Delaware Ave

Kefi Fresh

If you’re not paying attention you may mistake Kefi Fresh for any of the other strip mall chain restaurants that dominate the north end of town. If you do you’re missing out on some excellent, locally owned, fast casual style Mediterranean food.

When we find ourselves on that end of town near dinner time Kefi Fresh is usually our go-to spot. Their menu clearly lays out exactly what items are vegan friendly, gluten free, and/or dairy free.

We layout is similar to a fast casual burrito restaurant like Chipotle where you can pick your base of a wrap or salad, and choose you toppings as you go. They also offer family style dishes that are perfect for taking home and enjoying with a crowd.

20520 Robal Ln

Bo’s Falafel Bar

Bo’s Falafel Bar serves up some of the most delicious and sought after food in Bend. Although Bo’s started out as a vegetarian restaurant they do now serve meat as well. But this doesn’t mean that there aren’t plenty of vegetarian options still available on the menu.

The bagels that Bo’s turns out each morning are so highly sought after that they typically sell out by around 10am on weekdays and as early as 9am on the weekends.

Our absolute favorite dish is the falafel bowl. There are what feels like dozens of options to include for toppings to make each bowl uniquely yours.

1366 NW Galveston Ave

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