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The 5 Best Italian Restaurants in Bend, Oregon

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While Bend may be small compared to many cities it still boasts an impressive collection of Italian restaurants. From well-known chains to fine dining to food carts you’ll be able to find exactly what you’re looking for here in Bend.

In this post, we’ll take a look at the 5 best Italian restaurants in Bend, Oregon.

Map of the Best Italian Restaurants in Bend

This map shows the location of all the Italian restaurants mentioned in this post.


Bosa is a newer addition to the Italian game here in Bend and so far has absolutely knocked it out of the park. Located next to Sunriver Brewing in the historic bakery building on NW Galveston they are right in the middle of the action in town.

After our first visit we can confidently say that this is one of the best restaurants in Bend, period. Their menu builds dishes with regional inspiration from French and Italian cuisine with the best pacific northwest ingredients available.

Some of our favorite dishes included Pacific Northwest salmon, Oregon Dungeness crab, flat iron steak, and local greens from right here in Bend.

The menu is broad enough that almost and diner will find dishes that they will love yet still focused on Italian inspired cuisine.

Reservations are required and it might take some time to find a table as this has proven to be one of the more popular restaurants in town. They do have a nice sized bar with open seating as an option as well.

Historic Bakery Building
1005 NW Galveston


The past year+ has been somewhat of a renaissance for Bend when it comes to Italian food. 2 years ago I was having to include Olive Garden on this list as there just weren’t many Italian restaurants to choose from.

Now both Bosa and our other new addition, Nome, have bumped of a few chain restaurants off the list.

The ownership group behind Nome have a strong pedigree in town in owning, in addition to Nome, Bos Taurus, Miyagi Ramen, and Hablo Tacos.

Nome features a similar menu to Bosa with one shining exception, their pizza. They offer a lineup of both red and not red pizzas featuring high quality ingredients on a thin wood-fired crust.

We love the pizza option as we can head out to Nome and splurge on a full 5-course Italian dinner or just keep it simple with a pizza and a salad.

Sunny’s Carrello

Sunny’s Carrello has undergone a ton of changes over the past few years. From moving from their cart from their original East side location to the Grove over at NWX to opening up a brick and mortar location within the grove.

With those moves it means that you can now enjoy the food from Sunny’s for lunch or dinner and choose from a huge variety of menu options.

On the menu you can find their classic pasta dishes along with pizza, salads, polenta, and desserts.

We love their meatball and polenta dish

Sunny’s is open every day for lunch from 12 to 3 and for dinner from 4:30 to 8.

The Grove @ NWX
921 Northwest Mount Washington Drive

​Trattoria Sbandati

Trattoria Sbandati is headed up by renowned Italian chef Juri Sbandati. Born in Florence, Italy Juri spent his early career working in restaurants around Italy before eventually making his way to Bend.

The food and wine at Trattoria Sbandati is steeped in Italian heritage. This led to the restaurant being named restaurant of the year in 2015 by the Source Weekly.

The menu is full of can’t miss items with the meatballs being a local favorite.

West Side
1444 NW College Way

Bend Italian food

Salute Bend

Located in the heart of downtown Bend, Salute is the newest entrant to the local Italian dining scene. After opening in January 2020, Salute has quickly become a local favorite for their classic Italian dishes. They have received rave reviews for their pasta, chicken parmesan and tiramisu all served in a cozy space.

1045 NW Bond St

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