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The Best Butcher Shops in Bend

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Bend has become known as a great food town that is grounded in its agricultural roots. Drive any distance outside of Bend, and you’ll find yourself passing ranches and farms growing the food that serves the communities in the area.

Because of this, Bend offers some amazing butchers and direct-to-consumer ranchers. If you’ve never ventured beyond your grocery store for your meat-buying needs, we highly recommend checking out these amazing butcher shops in Bend.

Bend and Beyond Butcher Shops

If you’re looking for a full-service butcher shop with an assortment of cuts, sausage, and even beer and sandwiches, then these butcher shops in Bend and the surrounding area are a great choice.

The Meat Locker (East Bend)

The Meat Locker is located right across Hwy 20 from Costco on the east side of Bend that focuses on providing high-quality meats at more affordable prices.

The shop features a butcher counter, build-your-own freezer meat boxes, nitrate-free smoked meats, and specialty prepared meats like sausages and bacon.

The in-house butcher is happy to accommodate requests for custom cuts, so if you’re looking for a tomahawk steak or 2.5″ thick ribeye, then stop in and check them out.

Rancher Butcher Chef (NWX Bend)

rancherbutcherchef butcher counter in Bend, Oregon

Rancher Butcher Chef is a restaurant/butcher counter concept that is brand new to Bend. Their shop is located in the new Grove complex in NWX.

If you’re from portland, you’ll recognize the concept (Laurelhurst Market) and the ownership group behind it (owned RENOWNED Portland restaurants Toro Bravo and Tasty & Sons).

The butcher counter features beef from Snake River Farms, Carman Ranch, and Country Natural Beef. They are currently still going through the soft opening phase, so as of now (September 2022), the butcher counter is only open from 12-4 pm Friday & Saturday. Expect those hours to increase, though, as they work through all the kinks of running a new restaurant and butcher counter.

I’m personally hoping they adopt the Laurelhurst Market butcher shop model of serving lunchtime sandwiches, as those were outstanding!

Cinder Butte Meat (Redmond)

If you’ve driven north on 97 through Redmond, then you’ve probably noticed the Cinder Butte Meat shop just off the east side of the highway as you head out of town. In my opinion, they are the best full-service butcher in the area.

The butchers at Cinder Butte know what they are doing, and they always have a large supply of meat on hand. If you’re looking for custom cuts or large orders, then give them a call, and they can probably take care of you.

Most of their beef comes from Cedar River Beef or St. Helens Beef, so it isn’t local meat, but it is still outstanding. Some of the better steakhouses in town also use Cedar River for their beef, so they must be doing something right!

Cinder Butte also does game processing and custom meat processing along with a mobile butcher trailer.

Sisters Meat and Smokehouse (Sisters)

Sisters Meat and Smokehouse is hands down my favorite spot on this list and I highly recommend taking a drive out to Sisters to pay them a visit. The smokehouse is a bit like the Disneyland of butcher shops.

Inside you’ll find an awesome butcher counter with some amazing beef sourced from Colorado, a deli sandwich counter, beers on tap, smoked meats, game meats, sausages, sauces, and whatever else you can think of that goes with meat.

All of this is housed in an awesome looking red barn right off of highway 20 when you arrive into downtown Sisters.

I have found that the quality of their meat has always been absolutely top notch and their butchers super helpful with whatever I’m looking for that day.

Grocery Stores with Awesome Butcher Shops

Some days there just isn’t time to make a dedicated trip to the butcher shop and the grocery store. Luckily, a few grocery stores around town have great butcher counters and/or specialty meat offerings.

Whole Foods (East Bend)

Say what you will about Whole Foods and their corporate ownership (we personally very rarely shop there), but they do put a lot of focus into their butcher counter, and it shows. We always found their beef to be really high quality, and they know what they are doing for a grocery store to offer in-house aged beef shows.

We used to absolutely love their black forest bacon, but over the last few years, it has been a bit harder to come by.

Newport Market (West Bend)

Newport Market is usually my in-town go-to when I need a nice cut of beef or filet of fish and don’t want to venture far. Their butcher counter is always well stocked, and they age their beef in-house.

Colima Market / Juniors Meat Market (Bend/Redmond)

These two shops, Colima Market in Bend and Juniors Meat Market in Redmond, are the two butcher counters that I have found that offer Mexican beef cuts like carne asada.

Juniors Meat Market is more of a full-service butcher, while Colima Market is a Mexican grocery store with a meat counter so pick and choose depending on what else you’ll need to buy.

Locavore (Bend)

Locavore is a small grocery store in Bend that focuses on offering foods from local producers and farms. While they don’t have a butcher counter, they have an entire wall of freezers with meats and seafood from local farms. I highly recommend checking them out to support our local farmers.

Direct-to-Consumer Farms

There is no shortage of farms to choose from in the area for buying meat directly. If you want to cut out the middle man in your sourcing of local meat, then I’d recommend checking out the websites below for some of my favorite local farms.

Many of these can be found at the local farmer’s markets, while others other online or bulk (whole hog, 1/4 to 1/2 cow, chickens, etc) sales.

Pioneer Ranch

Pioneer Ranch used to have a small merchantile shop in Tumalo but has recently switched to an online sales model. If you’re local, you can still pick up some of their amazing beef or meat boxes with chicken, Berkshire pork, beef, and sausage.

They also occasionally offer 1/2 to 1/4 cow bulk sales which are a great value for their American wagy beef.

North 44 Farms

North 44 Farms Butcher in Bend at NWX Farmers Market

North 44 Farms is a local, first-generation farm specializing in grass-fed and finished lamb and beef. You can find their products at stores all over town, at the Bend farmers market on Wednesday afternoons, and at the NWX farmer’s market on Saturdays.

The farm also has online ordering with free delivery locally!

We absolutely love their sausages, specifically the smoked bratwurst with cheese. It is pretty much a mainstay in our freezer for days when we need a last-minute dinner idea.

The farm even processes and sells the hides from each of the animals they butcher as a way to honor the whole animal.

Well Rooted Farm

Well Rooted Farms was already one of our favorites, with their amazing U-pick farm located just north of Tumalo. Since they opened the U-pick, they have expanded also to offer fresh local eggs, pasture-raised pork, and beef.

You can buy their meat at their website, by visiting the U-pick or one of their three veggie sheds, or by visiting them at the Bend farmers market.

Well Rooted also offers whole, 1/2, and 1/4 cow beef shares if you’re looking to fill your freezer for the year.

Torsten’s Fine Meats

Torsten's Butcher at the Northwest Crossing Farmers Market

Torsten’s Fine Meats is a smaller meat processor that puts out extraordinary products. They primarily operate as an online store with free local delivery, but you can also find them at the NWX farmers market on Saturdays.

All of their beef is American Wagyu of exceptional quality.

You an purchase their meat in individual steaks, sausages, etc., in bulk boxes with a mix of meats, or in 1/4, 1/2, or whole shares of hogs, sheep, or cow.

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