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The Best Coffee Roasters in Bend, Oregon

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Some people like to say that Bend, Oregon has it all. Great trails, restaurants, breweries, and coffee. Well, they are probably right! Bend, Oregon has an incredible selection of coffee roasters found all over town so you’re never far from a fresh bag of beans or latte.

Bend, Oregon Coffee Roasters

Megaphone Coffee Co

2022 update – Megaphone has switched to a wholesale only model. You can still find their beans served in a number of coffee shops around town but they no longer has a stand alone coffee shop.

There may be no more “In Bend” coffee roaster than Megaphone Coffee Co. Walking up to their location on NW Galveston you’ll quickly notice that they share a space with the Boss Rambler Beer Club. This means you can hang out sipping lattes until 3pm and then switch over to IPAs for the afternoon without ever leaving the building.

Despite their beers and brew location they still are a coffee roaster at heart and produce some great coffees and drinks. One of our favorite chilly fall day activities is to park by Miller’s Landing park and walk over to their coffee shop on Galveston for one of their excellent lattes.

Lone Pine Coffee Roasters

Lone Pine Coffee Roasters makes some of our favorite beans in Bend.

The Long Pine coffee shop just off the downtown hustle on NW Harriman. It only takes a minute to walk over from the downtown strip but once inside you feel like you’ve escaped completely. The cafe features a warm brick interior with black walnut furniture and an impressive array of plants.

They recently opened a second location on the east side of town next to The Lot food cart pod. The interior of their east side cafe is equally well appointed and a great spot for getting some work done and enjoy a cup of coffee.

It is a great place to hunker down for a bit with a latte and a treat from The Pantry.

910 NW Harriman

East Side
1462 NE Cushing Dr

Thump Coffee

Thump coffee in downtown Bend, Oregon

Thump coffee is one of the bigger roasters around with 3 retail locations in Bend and 2 in Denver, CO. Luckily for us they know how to nail the details in the retail shops.

Their first location in downtown Bend is cozy yet still feels like the spot to settle in for an hour or two. Its also not surprising to stop by when they open at 6am and see a group of runners or cyclists settling in at the outside tables for a post workout break. Such is the life in Bend!

Their NWX crossing location offers one of the better coffeeshop views you’ll find anywhere. Perched up above the Summit High School sports fields you get an incredible view of the Cascades. Throw in their amazing coffee, fresh baked breads, and pizza and you’ve got a great spot to visit.

25 NW Minnesota Ave

Northwest Crossing
549 NW York Dr #200

1001 Tech Center
1001 SW Emkay Dr #110

Strictly Organic Coffee Company

Strictly Organic Coffee in Bend, Oregon by the Box Factory

Strictly Organic Coffee Company has been on the Bend, Oregon coffee roasting scene for over 20 years now. From day 1 they have focused on not only producing a great cup of coffee but doing it in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

As the name implies all of their beans are 100% organic. Their coffee shop is centrally located off of Bond St on the west end of the Box Factory. The outdoor patio is a favorite amongst people coming and going from the old mill area.

Box Factory
6 SW Bond St

Backporch Coffee Roasters

Backporch Coffee Roasters

Back Porch Coffee Roasters in Bend is the other big name roaster in the city. With 3 cafes and a drive through location on the east side you’re never far from a free cup of coffee.

Their Newport Ave location is just across the street from Chow which makes is a great stop for a cup of coffee before heading out on a walk to burn off some of those brunch calories.

Given the west side heavy weighting of most of the locations we’re highlighting today its nice to have the Backporch drive through and Greenwood cafe as east side options.

Their Greenwood cafe has a modern, airy feel to go along with their amazing coffee. Our 4 year old has also confirmed that they make the best hot chocolate in town as well.

1052 NW Newport Ave #103

706 NE Greenwood #140

1075 SE 15th St

70 SW Century Dr

Bellatazza Coffee

Bellatazza coffee’s central downtown location makes for a great stopping off point while shopping. Their inviting space features not only their fresh roasted coffee but also an assortment of pastries and sandwiches.

869 NW Wall St #101

Still Vibrato

Still Vibrato is a local roaster who is currently working on opening up a retail shop off of Century Dr. In the meantime their beans are available in the local grocery stores around town. They also have a roasting facility near the box factory that is open by appointment only.

Bohemian Roastery

Bohemian Coffee Roasters Beans

Bohemian Roastery is an eclectic little coffee roaster that can be found in farmers markets around town. Unlike most roasters who roast their beans using natural gas a heat source, they roast using only wood. This labor intensive process leads to a great coffee that is incredibly smooth.

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