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This Bend Food Truck Serves up our Favorite Budget Friendly Burgers in Town

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Attention burger fans and those looking for ever-shrinking cheap lunch options: we have you covered! Bend is home to no shortage of burger joints but this food truck at the Podski food cart pod serves up not only our favorite burger in town but also one of the cheapest!

My mind is honestly blown that we can go there, as a family of 4, and not have to drop $60 on a couple of orders of burgers and fries.

And before I get too far ahead of myself I also have to mention the fries. There’s nothing fancy about them other than the fact that they are ALWAYS cooked and salted to perfection. There is nothing more that I want from a french fry than that.

Now that we’ve built up all this suspense let’s get on with the reveal…

The Food Truck That Makes Our Favorite Burger in Bend is…


Bacon Burger at Americana Food Truck
Bacon Burger at Americana. Photo via Americana

Americana is located in the Podski food cart pod across from the box factory and serve up some killer burgers. Their burgers are “smash” style so smaller patties that are smashed onto a smoking hot griddle to form a oh so delicious salty crust.

Now there are some folks who scoff at smash burgers and even though I love them I also get it. Sometimes they can be a little skimpy.

Not at Americana. You order a smash burger here they are automatically throwing two patties on the bun to make sure you don’t leave hungry.

Where’s the Sauce?

The secret that elevates a good smash burger to a great smash burger is, IMO, the sauce. Too little sauce and you’re left with a sad dry McDonalds style burger. Just the right amount thought, along with a perfectly salted patty, elevates a burger to god-tier status.

Burger and Fries at Americana in Bend
Americana Burger and Fries. Photo via Americana

And you know what they do right at Americana…you guessed it. The sauce. Just the right amount every time to make a perfectly balanced burger.

What to Order at Americana?

Our go to order at Americana is The BBQ for myself, an OG for the Mrs’, and a plain OG for the kids to share. Add in a basket of fries and we’re set.

Burger and fries at Americana food truck in Bend, Oregon
Americana Burger and Fries. Photo via Americana

The BBQ checks all the boxes pickled jalapenos, caramelized onions, two kinds of cheese, and just the right amount of secret sauce to tie it all together.

The OG can’t be overlooked either though for its classic burger taste. It hits all the right notes with classic flavors all done to perfection. And best of all it comes in at only $8!

The Specials make it Special

Where Americana really shines is their willingness to think outside the burger box and put together some mind blowing specials.

Americana Special lunchbox burger
Lunchbox Burger – Photo by Americana

I mean…just take a look at this burger and its ingredients.

  • Toasted Brioche Bun
  • Double Patty
  • Whipped Peanut Butter
  • Fig-Ancho Salsa Macha
  • Chicharrón-Bacon Crumble
  • Pickled Shallot
  • Pickled Grape
  • Lettuce
  • Tomato
  • Sauce

Whipped peanut butter? Fig-ancho salsa macha? Pickled grape?

One of those alone would be a signature topping on a burger special at any other burger joint but here they have the moxy to throw them all together and serve it up.

I mean, how could you not try it?!?

At Americana they are always rolling out new specials so I’d recommend giving them a follow on their social media channels (IG & Facebook) to stay up to date on the latest offerings.

Americana Details

You can find the Americana food truck at The Podski food cart pod at 536 NW Arizona Ave, Bend, OR just across from the Box Factory.

With construction going on across the street parking can be tight but there are temporary lots set up on both sides of the construction area.

Americana is typically open for lunch and dinner but check out their website for the most up-to-date infomation.

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