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The 11 Most Instagrammable Spots in Bend

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Bend is surrounded by natural beauty, so it’s no wonder that so many visitors come longing to grab that perfect shot to post on Instagram. Whether you are in town at a coffee shop, hiking along the Deschutes River, or riding the lift up Mount Bachelor, there is no shortage of awesome photo opportunities around Bend.

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Here are our eleven favorite instagrammable spots in Bend and the surrounding areas.

Top Instagrammable Spots in Bend

Pilot Butte

No matter where you are in Bend, you probably have a view of Pilot Butte. The butte stands almost 500 feet above the town; odds are, you are never more than 10 minutes away from this central waypoint.

Getting to the top is as easy as taking the quick drive up in the summer or, if you’re looking for a workout, hiking up the trails when the road is closed during the winter.

From the top, you’ll find 360-degree views of the desert and mountains stretching from Mount Adams to Mount Bachelor.

The best time to grab that perfect Instagram photo on Pilot Butte is during sunrise or sunset. In the morning, the Cascade Range will be lit up by the rising sun, while the evening puts the sun directly behind the mountains and can make for stunning sunsets.

Tumalo Falls

Head on views of a 100-foot waterfall just 25 minutes from downtown Bend?!? That combination is tough to beat when it comes to finding great photography locations in Bend.

Tack on the fact that Tumalo falls is considered one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Oregon, and you’d be crazy to miss it.

If you’re looking for a guide to the best places to view the falls check out our Tumalo Falls Hike post.

Tumalo falls is a great spot to visit year-round, as each season offers its own unique twist. Rich fall colors, ice and snow, and lush greenery await you at this beautiful spot.

Shevlin Park

Shevlin Park is an absolute gem when it comes to city parks. Being able to so quickly leave the city behind on the trails following the ridges and Tumalo creek is an absolute treat.

We particularly love visiting the park in the fall when the aspen groves turn bright yellow. The two best spots in the park to take photos amongst the aspens are near the parking lots by Shevlin Park Road or along the Tumalo Creek Trail, approximately half a mile upriver from the parking lot.

Watch out for the other photographers doing family photo shoots, as this is a super popular spot when the fall colors are at their peak!

Drake Park

Drake park is considered the gem of Bend, and for good reason. The park follows the Deschutes river for the entire length of downtown Bend and features beautiful, mature trees, quant wood bridges crossing the river, and plenty of spots to take in the views of the local volcanoes.

Like Shevlin park, Drake park really shines during the fall months when the leaves along the river turn into stunning shades of yellows, reds, and oranges. The instagrammable spots along Drake park are too many to list, but some of the best are on the wooden bridge overlooking mirror pond and by the logging wheel when the vine maples turn red, and the leaves start falling,

Lava Butte

Like Pilot Butte earlier, Lava Butte stands over 500 feet above the ponderosa forets just south of Bend off Highway 97.

Lava Butte serves as the interpretive center for the Newberry Crater National Monument and looks out over some of the massive lava flows that still cover the region.

Getting to the top of the butte can either be done on foot or by taking the shuttle. Once on top you’ll have stunning views of the lava flows, deschutes river, and cascade mountains beyond.

There is also a fire lookout that is still in use that makes for a really cool backdrop during sunset.

Mount Bachelor

Mount Bachelor offers up a ton of great photo opportunities from selfies while riding the lift to unique views of the Three Sisters and Broken Top to catching the perfect action shot while mountain biking, skiing, or snowboarding.

The lifts to Pine Marten Lodge run most of the year so even if you aren’t riding back downhill you can still come up and enjoy the views with dinner and a beer.

Tumalo Mountain

Tumalo Mountain has been the location for 100s, if not 1000s, of iconic shots of Mount Bachelor in the morning light. The best time, in my opinion, to get that perfect shot is during the winter when you get the soft morning light and the mountain is blanketed in snow.

That doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of photo opportunities as well from the top as you’ll also have amazing views of the Sisters and Broken top to enjoy.

Sparks Lake

Sparks Lake is a large, shallow lake that sits just behind Mount Bachelor. It is a favorite destination for paddleboarders and kayakers as there are a ton of small, rocky coves to explore and get lost in.

The views also aren’t bad as, once again, you’ll be surround by the mountains. If you’ve been looking to get the perfect paddleboarding photo in Bend then Sparks Lake is a good bet.

Crux Fermentation Project

While Crux can, at times, be a victim of their own popularity, it is hard to argue about how perfect their setup truly is.

From the vintage style logo and autoshop building to the views to the awesome beers there are plenty of opportunities here to catch the perfect photo.

We recommend visiting right before sunset as that is when they run their sundowner happy hour. The exact time of the happy hour changes throughout the year so we recommend checking out their website for the most updated times.

Lone Pine Coffee

If you’re ever looking for the stereotypical quaint coffee shop with good vibes and plenty of space for digital nomads to type up their latest blog post then it doesn’t get any better than Lone Pine.

Housed in an old brick building on the edge of downtown, Lone Pine Coffee feels like a place where you just want to spend the day reading a book. Their interior is a mix of walnut furnishings, houseplants, and a large window where you can watch the coffee roasters as work.

The baristas at Lone Pine pour a beautiful latte that is just right for framing the perfect instagrammable photo.

Their social media team is on top of their mentions so tagging them will usually earn you a share in their stories.

Bo’s Falafel (gone for now)

Not only does Bo’s serve up killer food but they also have one of the coolest murals in town. Its a perfect spot for posing with your falafel bowl or morning bagel.

The old Bo’s location has shut down and their mural was painted over by an e-bike shop (booo…although ebikes are kinda fun.) But fear not as they are opening up a new restaurant just down the street and I have a feeling that a new mural may be on the way. Fingers crossed.

Like Lone Pine, tagging them in your posts will usually earn a reshare in their stories.

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