The Best Pizza Restaurants in Bend, Oregon

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Pizza is one of those dishes where you can ask 50 people what their favorite is and get 50 different answers. In the past Bend was not necessarily known as a pizza aficionados paradise but in recent years some amazing options have opened up to go along with the old standbys.

For me personally I love wood-fired, thin crust pizza so my favorites are going to be slanted in that direction. Because of this I’m going to break down the list by style as there are 3 distinct styles that tend to dominate the pizza scene here in Bend.

This may come as somewhat of a shock but my favorite pizza restaurant in Central Oregon isn’t even in Bend and is run out of a food truck. The real pizza lovers already know the answer but for everyone else you’ll have to read to the bottom to get my final verdict on my favorite pizza in Bend.

Traditional Pizzeria Style

I define this style as your traditional mom-and-pop pizzeria that we all grew up with. A thicker crust, heavy on the toppings and cheese, and soda or beer available by the pitcher. This is everyone’s kids favorite pizza and the go-to option for catering birthday parties and work events.

Pizza Mondo

Pizza Mondo in Bend, Oregon

Location: Downtown Bend
Hours: Open every day 11am – Close

Pizza Monda takes the cake as my favorite pizza restaurant in Bend when I want a traditional style slice. Located in the heart of downtown this is our go-to spot when we want to grab a quick slice for lunch.

The pizzas here have a tasty, well cooked crust, good topping choices, and just the right amount of cheese and toppings.

Their lunch and happy hour specials are still one of the best meal deals in town as well!

Our Go To Slice

The lunch special with a slice of the meat combo.

Raganelli’s Pizza

Location: East Bend off Highway 20
Hours: Monday through Saturday 11am – Close

Raganelli’s pizza reminds me of the pizza shops that I grew up with. The tables, the decor, and even the pizza are all spot on for hitting that nostalgia button.

The pizza here, when done well, is quite good although consistency has been hit or miss for us. Sometimes we’ll come home with a perfect pie and others we’ll end up with a pizza that is charred on the bottom or soaking through the box with grease.

Our Go To Slice

Vito’s Supreme and the Anti-Pasta salad

Detroit/Sicilian Style

Sicilian or Detroit style pizza is known for its square shape, deep crust, and best of all, crispy cheese edges and corners. This style of pizza is cooked in a deep pan and is loaded with cheese so the edges all around the pizza will get crisp and delicious.

In recent years two different pizza food trucks have opened up serving up this wonderful style of pizza.

Abe Capanna’s

Location: Crosscut Tap House
Hours: Open every day 11am – Close

Abe’s bills themselves as a true Detroit style pizza cart and we have to agree. Their pizza has a thick chewy crust that is loaded with sauce and cheese (we snack on a lot of cheese pizzas as it is the go to choice for our kids).

The selling point for this style is the crispy edges and corners of the pizza and we have to agree that those pieces are very delicious. Luckily our kids avoid at the crust on pizza so we get to nab up these delicious treats.

Their Almost Famous salad is outstanding as well so if you’ll be feeding off the crusts of your kid’s pizza then this makes for a filling meal.

Abe’s is located in the Crosscut food cart pod right across the street from the box factory. This area has plenty of seating on most nights although on a Friday or Saturday in the summer this area can get very busy.

If you live in Redmond you can also grab one of these delicious pizzas at their location off of SW 8th and Forest Ave.

Our Go To Slice

The small cheese pizza. Like I said, our kids love cheese pizza.

Rush’s Squares

Location: On Tap Cart Pod
Hours: Open every day 11am – Close

Like Abe’s above, Rush’s Squares serves up square, crispy pizza baked in deep steel pans. Coincidently, both of these carts opened up at about the same time a few years ago, quickly filling in a missing pizza niche in Central Oregon.

While we have eaten at Abe’s more frequently I think that is a result of the convenience rather than an opinion on the quality or deliciousness of one or the other.

We find both carts to serve up similarly delicious pies (would loaves be a more appropriate term given their shape?) and would recommend either depending on whether you are on the east side or west side of town.

Our Go To Slice

The Bendite (see – we can occasionally eat something other than cheese!)

Wood-Fired Thin Crust

The Blind Tiger

Bonus Pizza Cart – Woodfired Pies

The Best Pizza Restaurant in Bend

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