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This Portland Pizza Spot Has Mastered the Art of the NY Pie

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The perfect style of pizza can be a wildly subjective and divisive topic for fans of the iconic pie. And there is no better city in America, IMO, that offers a better selection of world-class pizzas across the spectrum of styles than Portland, Oregon.

Portland has emerged as a pizza powerhouse with numerous pizza shops ranking in the top 50 for the best pizza shops in the world!

One such shop that we recently visited made the list, and not in the Neapolitan style that dominates these rankings but instead for their incredible New York-style pies.

Scottie’s Pizza Parlor

Scottie's Pizza Parlor in NW Portland

Scottie’s has taken the New York pizza to another level and serves up both slices and whole 18″ pies to pizza lovers across the Portland Metro.

Our recent trip to Portland had us browsing the latest pizza hot spots (there is A BUNCH to choose from) and Scottie’s caught our eye.

With Scottie’s NW location being just a couple blocks from the hotel and the promise of a quick pie to go along with being one of the highest-rated pizza shops IN THE WORLD had us sold.

Doors leading into Scottie's Pizza Parlor

The Pizza at Scottie’s Pizza Parlor

Scottie’s offers up only two sizes of pizza – an extra large 18″ NY-style and a grandma-style Sicilian (more on this option later).

pizza slices at scottie's pizza parlor

We placed an order online for their version of the Hawaiian, The 5-0-5, minus the green chiles (we do have kids after all so pardon the pineapple and lack of spice.)

A quick 20 minutes later we had the pie in our hands and our first look at this gem of a pizza.

hawaiian pizza at scotties pizza parlor

The crust had an incredible char which would be matched on the bottom of the pizza once we dug in.

Scottie’s uses super hot electric ovens to ensure that the bottoms of the pizzas are fully cooked and don’t end up soggy and unfoldable.

Side Note: New York-style pizza is defined by its large-sized slices that are perfectly foldable to create a bite with crust on both sides and a perfect layer of sauce, cheese, and toppings in the middle.

The pizza itself was outstanding with the perfect balance of sauce, cheese, and toppings to go along with a delicate yet chewy crust. The slices were huge in size but didn’t feel heavy and we were able to finish the entire pizza.

Our 5-year-old ended up eating almost three slices by herself…after picking off the pepperonis (of course.)

My favorite part was the crust as it had the perfect yeasty chew that is tough to master but oh-so delicious when you find a spot that has done so. Something that we have only found once so far back home in Central Oregon.

Luckily for me, the kids leave behind plenty of crust pieces to snack on once I’ve finished up my slices.

Plenty of Other Options

If you’re not feeding kids or are repulsed by the idea of pineapple on pizza then Scottie’s offers up some pizza options that look incredible.

The Burrata is a tomato & mozzarella pizza topped with burrata, fresh basil, shaved parm & olive oil.

The Sausage, Kale, and Onion pizza also looked amazing but, once again, hungry kids…

Slices at Scottie's Pizza in NW Portland

Last but certainly not least is their limited availability Sicilian-style thin-crust pizza. There are a set number of these pies available each day so order early (it’s super easy with their online ordering system.)

This option comes topped with fresh and aged mozzarella, red sauce, oregano, fresh basil, pecorino & garlic oil. It looks incredible and will be a must-try on our next trip through Portland!

pacman at Scottie's
Bring some quarters for Pac-Man while waiting for your pie

Our Final Thoughts on Scottie’s Pizza

We found Scottie’s Pizza to be an absolute gem that nailed the New York-style pie. Granted, we haven’t been to New York so I can’t compare it to the real deal but I can’t imagine a pizza in this style being much better than this!

Their use of fresh local ingredients and a slow-fermented, naturally yeasted crust makes Scottie’s Pizza a must-visit for any pizza lover.

Scottie’s Pizza Parlor in Portland Information

Scottie’s Pizza has two centrally located Portland locations to serve up your pizza fix.

  • Scottie’s Pizza Parlor SE -2128 SE Division Street
  • Scottie’s Pizza Parlor NW – 685 NW 21st Ave

Their Southeast location serves as more of a pickup-style spot that is open for dinner service while their Northwest location has some space to sit and enjoy a pizza for lunch or dinner service.

Place your order or check out their menu here – Scottie’s Pizza Website

Par Baked Pizzas

Scottie’s also sells par-baked pizzas which are partially baked so you can finish up the cooking process at home. They include detailed instructions on how to get the same pizza oven flavor with your home oven.

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